Meet the Dolls!

Kit, Felicity, and Josephina are three sisters who love making fun memories together! I don't put specific ages on them, but I imagine they are all between ten and twelve years old, with Felicity being the oldest and Kit the youngest.


Margaret Mildred Kittredge~Dollight, or more commonly known as Kit, is an energetic girl who loves the outdoors, talking, reading mysteries, and playing with her pets, a basset hound named Grace, and a chicken named Wilhelmina. Her favorite colors are pink and green, and she has one American Girl Doll named Maggie. Kit is half Dutch, 1/4 Scandinavian, 1/8 Irish, and 1/8 English. Her birthday is April 7, and her MBTI personality type is ENFP-A.
 Kit was my first doll, whom I received for my seventh birthday. I would definitely recommend her as a first doll, as her short hair makes her easy to care for. She is American Girl Historical Kit Kittredge.


Felicity Violet Merriman-Dollight (sometimes called Lissie), is an inquisitive girl who, among other things, enjoys reading, theater, crafting, and playing with her American Girl Dolls, Julie and Violet Annemarie, or her husky Pepper. Lissie's birthday is October 18, and her favorite color is violet, like her middle name. She is half Scottish, 1/4 Irish, and 1/4 English. She loves the Anne of Green Gables series, and dreams of someday being able to perform the part of Anne in a play. 
I received Lissie for Christmas when I was nine. I payed for half of her and my parents paid the other half. Felicity is my go-to doll to test for hair styles, and out of all my dolls resembles myself the most. She is American Girl Historical Felicity Merriman.


Maria Josephina Ellis Montoya~Dollight (sometimes called Fina), is a small girl with a big heart, who likes vibrant colors such as red, yellow, and orange, spending time with her sisters or her Nigerian Dwarf goat, Sombrita, and playing with her American Girl doll Addy Beth. She loves cooking, reading and helping others. Fina secretly writes highly popular fanfics about her favorite books and movies under a pen name, which even her sisters don't know about! Her birthday is June 20, and she is proudly Mexican, except for the 1/8 of her that is Philippine. 
I bought Josephina summer 2015 on a trip to NYC. To me she seems the most realistic looking doll of mine. Her long black hair is tricky to care for, so I wouldn't recommend her for a new doll owner, but for the older doll owner, she is an amazing doll to add to a collection!


Iantha Rose Pearling is Kit, Lissie, and Fina's sweet and stylish cousin. She loves designing outfits, watching Disney movies, and singing karaoke. Her birthday is February 12, and her favorite colors are blue and magenta. Iantha is half Cherokee Indian, 1/4 Brazilian, and 1/4 German. 
This is my sister's doll Brooklyn, but will appear on my blog as Iantha. 

My Doll Wishlist:
Historical Molly
Melody Ellison
Maryellen Larkin
GOTY Mia (whom I would rename)
GOTY Isabelle (whom I would rename Isabel, the Spanish equivalent.)
A custom boy doll

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  1. Felecity and Josephina have been nominated for the Sisters Award! Go to my blog, AG's Wondrous World, to see what they get to do! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you AG Homeschooler! We'll do it right away!
      ~Felicity and Josefina


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