The Special Visitor...

This morning, the Dollight house was filled with an excited, flurried anticipation, as Fina, Kit, and Lissie tidied up.

Josephina made sure the doll's looked presentable, and organized the desk.

Kit made the beds.

Felicity, as the most organized, supervised and took care of the details. 
All of a sudden, a knock sounded on the door. The girls flew to open it, and...

"Cousin Iantha!" they cried, "It's so nice to see you!" 
Iantha smiled shyly. "I'm so glad you invited me to visit! It's very different from California, with all this snow, but I like it."

Ianthe had brought a large duffel bag with her, and a beautiful china doll.

"How long will you be staying?" Fina asked as they went inside. 
Iantha shrugged. "Mira said I could stay as long as I wanted too, and I like it here. For a while, probably, if you don't mind." 
"We'd love that!" Lissie smiled.

"Let me take your things, Iantha. You'll be sharing the top bunk with me," said Kit. 

"What's your doll's name?" Kit asked as she put Iantha's things away. 
"Lady Vera Lilac. I like to pretend that she's an English countess." 

The girls are so happy their cousin has come to visit, hopefully for several months.

Iantha is overjoyed to be here too!

Note: No, I did not get a new doll, if you're wondering. Iantha is my sister's doll, whom some may know from earlier posts by the name of Brooklyn. However, from now on, she will join Felicity, Kit, and Josephina in their adventures as Iantha Rose!
I also redesigned the Meet the Dolls page, adding Iantha, if you want to check it out. 

Thanks for visiting! 


  1. How wonderful that your cousin gets to stay with you for awhile! It reminds us of when our cousin Saige came to live with us. Fun times. :)

    1. How fun! We're so glad Iantha is here!
      ~the Dollight girls

  2. Loved this!
    Also, where did you get the china doll? I have a doll I got from an antique store and she looks exactly like your doll except that she has a different color bonnet and clothes. Please let me know! Thanks!

    1. I found mine at a thrift store! That's so cool! I wonder if they were made by the same place, many years ago...
      <3 Mira

    2. I don't know! I think that mine was from a World Fair. :) I should post a picture of her on my blog (

    3. I have the same one as well! Except she has a red dress with white sleeves! I got her at a trash and treasure sale for a quarter!


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