Hazel's Great Adventure

Hello there!
The other day, my sisters and I had the chance to get four lovely new dolls to share. Lissie suggested I share them with the blog!

Josephina named them all, as she is very good at names. This one is Anne of Green Gables. 

This one is 1940's Hazel Levesque, from the Heroes of Olympus series. 

Here is Thoroughly Modern Millie. 

Fina couldn't think of a character who looked like this cloaked lady, so she named it Viviana the Enchantress. 
I took them outside, and began playing with them immediately.

Once upon a time, Anne of Green Gables and Hazel Levesque took a walk together.


All of a sudden, Viviana the Enchantress appeared from nowhere!

She turned Anne into Thoroughly Modern Millie! Immediately, Anne, aka Millie began tap dancing and singing something about undead ghost towns and burning bridges, and 'not for the life of her'.

"The only way to rescue your friend," Viviana told Hazel, "Is to go through the Very Scary Forest, and pluck a blossom from the Sky High Flower Tree on the other side, and bring it back to me."
Now Anne/Millie was singing 'gimme, gimme' or something like that. 

"Fine, I'll go," Hazel said, and bravely stepped into the Very Scary Forest. 

Hazel got tangled in vines, and poked by pine needles, 

but finally she came out on the other side and found the Sky High Flower Tree. 

Hazel climbed it and plucked a violet blossom. 
Back through the Very Scary Forest she went, past vines and pine needles. 

"Here you go," she breathed giving the flower to Viviana. Anne of Green Gables, alias Thoroughly Modern Millie, was now singing and tap dancing about forgetting about the boy. 

With a wave of her staff, Viviana the Enchantress turned Anne back into normal self, and vanished. Anne of Green Gables and Hazel Levesque continued on their walk. 
And they lived happily ever after, at least until they had a spelling test the first week back at school.
The End.
Don't you just love making up stories with your toys?


  1. Oh so sweet! I love that! Where did you get the dolls? Did you make them?
    Can't wait to see more!
    Your fellow blogger and pinner,

    1. We bought plain wooden peg dolls on Amazon, and then I painted them! I would definitely recommend them as a craft.

  2. Love, love, love those stories! My granddaughter and I write stories and then make books using our American Girl dolls. What a fun project!


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