Felicity's Friday Fun! Tank Tops

Us dollies can get get pretty hot in the summer time, and need summer clothes just like the humans. So todays Friday Fun is on how to make your very own tank top, just like the ones Fina, Brooklyn, and I are modeling, with the FREE pattern found on Pixie Faire!
To download the pattern, go to this link: Pixie Faire free tank top pattern.
The pattern and instructions will be right there, ready to print!

This one is made out of a stretchy, comfortable fabric, and is Fina's favorite, but I stole it for the photo shoot. 

I can't tell what animal is on it though. Are they cats? Owls? Foxes? What do you think?

Our friend Brooklyn is modeling one with owls, modified with a bit of neon yellow fabric peeping out of the top.

And then there is Fina, with a lovely sea green chiffon tank, that makes me think of mermaids!
If you make them, let me know how they turn out and what fabric you used! 


  1. I totally recommend that pattern! It is so versatile! You can pair it up with anything!! Its also great that its free!!

  2. oh-the animals are sugar gliders!!! hehe... :D

    1. Oh- thanks! Lisa was quite confused before, hehe.


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