Featuring ME, your favorite Fina

Hey, Fina here! 
Do you ever use Snapchat? Mira has it, and I was playing around with it earlier. I thought I should show you my results!

This bumble bee filter made me laugh so hard! I made a video of me saying "My name is Maria Josephina Ellis Montoya~Dollight", and it sounded like I had breathed in helium!

Hehe, I make a cute puppy, if I may say so myself!

Weird- I did a photo face swap with a picture of Kit. I'm not quite sure what I think. Face swaps can sure be, erm, interesting, can't they?

Ooh, I love flower crowns!

This one has to be my favorite! I look so elegant and Greek goddessy! Hey, maybe I'll be a Greek goddess for Halloween! 

*Felicity speaks up* "Fina, there are still, like, almost three months until Halloween." 

Oh well, who cares? 
What is your favorite photo filter?


  1. LOL! You're so funny, Josephina! My friend has Snapchat and it is so funny to play around with it. My favorite filter is the face swap. :P

    1. Thank you, Madi! Yes, face swaps are quite entertaining!

  2. Kind of creepy- But so cute and fun! :P
    The Sunshine Dollies

  3. Haha! Very funny! The flower crown one is cute. :)

    We've started a fun game on our blog called Fashion Fun. If you'd like to join in, check it out here: journaloftwodolls.blogspot.com

    ~Kirsten and Sylvia

    1. Thanks Kirsten and Sylvia! I will check it out!


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