august (er, hello again)

Hi there.
Remember me? 
Yeah, it's been a while. 

bad excuse for not posting: my laptop crashed, and i have not had access to a computer to post on except for my mom's work computer. 

Well, hopefully now I can begin posting again! 
Anyways, I'm turning it over to the lovely Josephina. 

Hi! It's your favorite! (Stop tickling me Kit. You know I'm kidding.) Okay, it's Fina!
Anyhoo, can you believe summer is almost over? Time flies so quickly! We start school in a month! 
But guess what? The girls and I still have a couple o' things planned for the month, so don't worry, we won't get all fallish on you yet, even if Felicity is ready for autumn. 
(I'm also trying to get Mira to try stop motioning. I want my own show. Can't you picture it, Fangirl Fina, the Josephina Show, or something like that?) 

Well, TTYL! 


  1. Great to see you back again! Will you be doing the Ballet Shoes soon? I hope so!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I hope to have the first part up soon!


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