A Soccer Match

Today, our friend Brooklyn came over! She and I challenged Kit and Felicity to a game of soccer.
Brooklyn and I named ourselves the 'Brown Eyed Barbarians', and Kit and Lissie called themselves the 'Ninja Unicorns'. 

Although I may not look it, I am the best soccer player in the family, although Kit bests Lissie and I at nearly every other sport. 

We did rock paper scissors, and The Ninja Unicorns got the kick off. 

And the game was on! 

Kit scored the first goal.

Brooklyn was wonderful at goalie!

Finally the game ended with our team, The Brown Eyed Barbarians, taking the lead at 10-7. It was close! Both our teams, Ninja Unicorns and Brown Eyed Barbarians alike, finished off with a rousing cheer. I love spending time with my friends and sisters! 
What is your favorite sport?


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