Addy Beth


Yesterday, Josephina went to get the mail and discovered a package addressed to her on the front porch.

She picked it up. "I wonder what this is? I didn't order anything. Its not Christmas, and my birthday is June 20. Oh well, can't hurt to look and see what it is."

She opened the end of the package and caught her breath when she saw the white star on red. It couldn't be... could it?
Josephina finished opening it, and gazed in wonder! It was!

"Its Addy! Oh, I've always wanted an American Girl doll!" Thankfully, I (Mira) was on hand with a camera to capture all the excitement of a girls first doll.

Addy was immediately taken out of her box.

Josephina is reading Little Women, and decided that Addy's full name would be Addy Beth, after her favorite character. (I'm anticipating loads of tears when Fina reads the chapter in which Beth dies.)

A new book is always exciting! Josephina said that Little Women will have to wait until after she finishes Addy's book.

A girl and her doll. They both have gold hoop earrings! Welcome, Addy Beth!


  1. I love Little Women! Gosh, I was crying my eyes out when Beth died. :'(
    Addy is so pretty! Congrats, Josephina! I love the name Addy Beth.

    1. Thank you Charlotte! Josephina has been borrowing her sister's dolls lately and has been acting out Little Women with them, with Addy, of course, as Beth :)


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