Hello There!

Hello, we are three dolls who are so excited to have a blog! We hope to share lots of fun photo stories, photo shoots, crafts, and excitement!
Hi, I'm Felicity Violet. I'm there in the center between my sisters. I love acting, writing stories, and making crafts! My favorite color is purple, and my favorite books are Thimble Summer and Gone-Away Lake, both by Elizabeth Enright. I also love American Girl magazines! I own an adorable husky named Pepper.

I'm Kit, a nickname for Margaret Mildred, there on the end. I love reading, telling jokes, inventing things, cooking, and making people laugh! I like mysteries like the Mandie and Trixie Belden series, and the Narnia books! I love the colors pink and green. I have a sweet basset hound named Grace.

I'm Josefina Ellis. I love bright colors, like red, orange, and yellow. My favorite things to do are sewing, being with my sisters, cooking, making crafts, and helping others. I like the books Little Women and A Little Princess. I don't have a pet, but I love all baby animals!
We hope to post at least weekly, if not more often. We will be on vacation until next Friday, so we won't post until we return, but we will have pictures! Thanks for checking out our blog! Also be sure to find us on Pinterest, here!
Kit, Felicity, and Josefina


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